Language Arts: Grades 3-5
Below are interactive, tech-enhanced online resources to help students practice the skills they will need for next generation assessments.

If you know of other appropriate resources, please submit them through our form here. Submissions will be reviewed and added to the collection.

Sample Assessment Items

Sample Assessment Items from PARCC
  • Link - Grade 3 PBA PARCC Practice Test
  • New - Link - Grade 3 EOY PARCC Practice Test
  • Link - Grade 4 PBA PARCC Practice Test
  • New - Link - Grade 4 EOY PARCC Practice Test
  • Link - Grade 5 PBA PARCC Practice Test
  • New - Link - Grade 5 EOY PARCC Practice Test
  • Link - Sample Test - 11 sample ELA questions for grades 3-5
  • Link - PARCC Test Tutorial - demonstration of the navigation, tools, and accessibility features available in the PARCC assessment system
Sample Assessment Items from Smarter Balanced - Requires Java
  • Link - Sample Tests - Training Tests, Practice Tests, and Performance Tasks
  • Link - Reading assessment item 1
  • Link - Reading assessment item 2
  • Link - Reading assessment item 3
  • Link - Writing assessment item 1
  • Link - Writing assessment item 2
  • Link - Speaking and listening assessment item 1
  • Link - Speaking and listening assessment item 2
Other Sample Assessment Items
  • Link - Edcite - Use, copy, or modify thousands of user-created next generation assessment items, or create your own. Includes support for technology-enhanced question types including ELA passage highlighting, dynamic Math graphs, image labeling, and many more.

Resources by Topic and Tool

Reading Comprehension
  • Link - Newsela - Daily nonfiction news articles, each available at multiple lexile levels, with associated Common Core aligned quizzes. Teachers can also assign and track student articles.

  • Reading quizzes from - over 100 reading passages with quizzes, arranged by grade level, with highlighting tool to help find content in the passages.
  • Link - Literacy Learning Resources from CBS and CNN - This site has dozens of actual stories from CBS and CNN, including the full text, the abridged text, an outline, a video of the story, and the audio read aloud. After the student reads the story they can take online interactive quizzes over the material covering vocabulary, word selection, sequencing, and conclusions, and write their own response to the article. Requires Real Player for audio and video
  • Link - Sentence Monkey - drag and drop words to the correct places to complete sentences, covering many grammar topics - Requires Flash

General Interactive Resource Sites
  • Link - Student Interactive from ReadWriteThink
  • Link - Interactive Sites for Education

General Assessment Sites (not necessarily tech-enhanced)
  • Link - Engage NY - Annotated 2013 3-8 ELA NY State Test Questions