Science: Grades 6-8

Below are interactive, tech-enhanced online resources to help students practice the skills they will need for next generation assessments.

If you know of other appropriate resources, please submit them through our form here. Submissions will be reviewed and added to the collection.

Sample Assessment Items

Ohio Sample Assessment Items
  • Link - Ohio Training Test for Science and Social Studies
  • Link - Ohio Sample Assessment Items
Other Sample Assessment Items
  • Link - Edcite - Use, copy, or modify thousands of user-created next generation assessment items, or create your own. Includes support for technology-enhanced question types including ELA passage highlighting, dynamic Math graphs, image labeling, and many more.

Resources by Topic and Tool
    Calculator Resources
    • Link - Use an interactive calculator to solve a variety of problems - Requires Flash
    • Link - Using a Calculator web lessons - use an online calculator to solve a variety of problems including multiple choice, fill-in, and drag and drop questions.
    • Link - Smarter Balanced Calculator for Grade 6 (Basic)
    • Link - Smarter Balanced Calculator for Grades 7 and 8 (Scientific)
    • Link - Calc SS3 - Simple pop-up calculator extension for Google Chrome that can switch between scientific and normal mode
    Content Area Reading Comprehension
    • Link - Newsela - Daily nonfiction news articles, each available at multiple lexile levels, with associated Common Core aligned quizzes. Teachers can also assign and track student articles.
    • Link - Bottling Honey - Investigate flow rates of four liquids to determine best temperature for bottling honey - Requires Flash
    • Link - Playground Soil - Investigate attributes of two soil sampes to determine the best site for building a playground - Requires Flash
    • Link - Planning a Park - Evaluate the impact of a planned recreation park on specific organisms - Requires Flash

    General Interactive Resource Sites
    •  Link - Annenberg Learner Interactives
    • Link - The Concord Consortium STEM Resource Finder
    • Link - ScienceNetLinks Tools Search
    • Link - PhET Interactive Simulations - Some require Java